Simplify the integration of digital and paper-based documents

From bookkeeping to content management and healthcare, the integration solutions from BECONEX help you optimize your processes and boost efficiency in virtually any industry, allowing you to send documents to end-systems directly from the capture device and automating the routing and storing tasks.

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Document integration, as easy as it gets

Paper-based documents are still present in every business and carry an important amount of information. Despite being critical for certain processes and for the fulfilment of regulations, digitizing them brings all kinds of advantages:

  • Completeness and availability of information
  • Flexibility in the storage and retrieval of documents
  • Readiness for further digital processing

To optimize information and document management even further, BECONEX is constantly innovating and developing new solutions. With them you can simplify the scanning and storing of documents inside a wide variety of end-systems:

  • Visualize and select the storage location directly from the capture device (MFP, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.)
  • Reduce manual inputs, minimize time expenses and the probability of errors
  • Save your documents automatically as searchable pdfs in the selected location

Of course, these benefits also apply to the integration of digital files: our solutions allow you to send documents to information systems directly from your desktop, email inbox and shared files with just a few clicks!

Send documents to DATEV Unternehmen online

Transparent document integration in DATEV Unternehmen online

With a share of over 60%, DATEV is the market leader as an IT service provider for tax advisors, auditors, and consultants. In this industry, most of the documents are already being stored and processed in their digital rather than physical from. However, the input of data is still a challenge to overcome: Around 50% of incoming documents in tax advisory firms are delivered as paper. Digitizing this massive number of documents and assigning them to their corresponding accounts can become a bottleneck that hurts the efficiency of the entire process.
Accelerate and optimize the scanning and storing of documents in the DATEV cloud with BECONEX Send2DATEV

Who can use the Send2DATEV solution?

No matter if you run a small to large company, or a tax advisory firm: BECONEX Send2DATEV allows you to select from a variety of scenarios to better match the needs of your organization.
Use the fields “User”, “Client” and “Document type” to identify the collaborator that is scanning the document, the organization said document belongs to, and the type of document it is. You can also rename the digitized file using the field “File Name”.

Which benefits does it bring for companies?

Send2DATEV speeds up the digitization of documents and their upload to the DATEV cloud. This saves the effort of delivering the paper documents to the tax firm for monthly bookings or for possible audits.

Can tax advisory firms also benefit from it?

Definitely. The time that they can save with the connector is enormous, as many tax firms must digitize the documents of several clients. Scan documents to DATEV Unternehmen online faster and more efficiently!
Enjoy the flexibility, efficiency, and security that BECONEX Send2DATEV can offer your operations.

Send documents to the Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions

Digitize and pre-approve invoices with Send2VIM

Thanks to BECONEX Send2VIM, you can scan paper-based invoices and send them directly from your multifunction device to the OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions. There are two scenarios available to automate the routing of invoices: Send2VIM basic and Send2VIM extended.
After scanning, you can benefit from the advantages of OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions, such as the automatic extraction of data and the seamless integration of the document into SAP transactions and processes.

Send2VIM basic

With this one-click scenario, you can send the invoices that arrive decentrally to your company into the VIM process. No further data or fields need to be filled out. Once the invoice is in VIM, the information contained in the invoice is extracted and validated.
send invoices to VIM (Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions by OpenText™)
Send2VIM Extended scenario

Send2VIM extended

The extended version allows you to include additional information like cost centre, comments and whether the invoice has been pre-approved. These fields serve as a pre-processing of the invoice to accelerate its release once it is stored in VIM.
Optimize the processing of invoices even further with BECONEX Send2VIM

Send documents to OpenText Extended ECM

Get more out of your Business Workspace with Send2xECM

Send2xECM is part of the BECONEX Universal REST portfolio
BECONEX Send2xECM optimizes the input of paper-based and digital documents directly into any Business Workspace of the OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions. It also automates the linkage of said documents to business objects in SAP. The connector provides maximum flexibility, it can work with all SAP modules and offers multiple ways to select the target business object.

How can business objects and Business Workspaces be visualized and selected from the capture device?

With BECONEX Send2xECM, you can use barcodes, dropdown lists and search fields to look for the business object your document belongs to:

Barcodes are most useful to identify documents that belong to the same business object and integrate them into xECM with a single click

Users can define lists of recently viewed or favourite business objects to simplify and accelerate the search and selection

With search fields, you can look for business objects inside SAP and xECM in real-time; all the results that contain the given input are shown to the user as a dropdown list

send documents to xECM (OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions)
Search field to select business object - Send2xECM

Send documents to Digital Employee Files directly from your capture device

Send2EmployeeFile is part of the BECONEX Universal REST portfolio
Send documents to the Digitale Personalakte für SAP HCM und SuccessFactors.
The Digital Employee File for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors from Centric allows you to reduce the paperwork and to migrate your HR processes to a digital platform, making them faster, more transparent, and more efficient.
BECONEX Send2EmployeeFile is the perfect complement for this solution. It automates the routing of digitized documents into the Digital Employee File directly from the capture device of your choice. No matter if a single document or a batch of several documents is scanned, all you need is a single click.

How can data privacy be ensured when processing documents with sensitive information?

Documents that contain sensitive information are to be processed and put away as quickly as possible to avoid information leakage. Send2EmployeeFile allows you to perform an early scan and send the document to the Digital Personnel File with a single click.
The document is stored as a readable PDF such that any further processing can be done within the HR digital platform.

What if the document must first be processed in its physical form?

Documents can also be scanned and assigned to an employee inside the Digital Personnel File later in the process, for example, when non-electronic signatures and approvals are required.
In these cases, a barcode is attached to both the first page of the document and inside the employee file. When the document is ready to be scanned, the barcode will serve as tag to link it to the corresponding employee inside the platform.
send documents to Digitale Personalakte für SAP HCM und SuccessFactors
Send2EmployeeFile with just one click


Send2ServiceNow is part of the BECONEX Universal REST portfolio
Send documents to ServiceNow
BECONEX Send2ServiceNow





Simplify the storing of documents into your DMS

Send2enaio is part of the BECONEX Universal REST portfolio
Send documents to enaio®.
The enaio® DMS of Optimal Systems allows you to manage documents and information centrally and to optimize collaboration. With BECONEX Send2enaio you can automate and simplify the integration of physical documents into your enaio® platform. This contributes to the efficiency of processes and user-friendliness of interfaces.

Can documents be sent to user-files inside enaio®? What about team-files?

send documents to enaio® (Optimal Systems)
Scan documents to a team file - Send2enaio

BECONEX Send2enaio gives you the following options to send and store documents inside enaio®:

Using the scan to own file scenario, documents are stored without additional metadata in the user’s file.

The user can also scan by ticket: simply select the ticket number at the MFP to insert the documents at the desired position.

Scan into the open file – the list of folders that are currently open in enaio® are shown to the user at the MFP so that he can select the desired file.

Finally, it is also possible to scan into a team file: the team file comprehends a group of predefined files, which can be clearly identified by selecting the department and the employee

Accelerate and optimize the input of document into patient records

Send2FHIR is part of the BECONEX Universal REST portfolio
BECONEX Send2FHIR is the HL7-FHIR interface that enables easy and efficient integration of documents into healthcare systems as well as authorized access from various devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones). In this way, the user can control the routing of documents directly from the MFP, accessing different scenarios, for example, updating patient records.

How are document automatically routed to the healthcare system?

Documents that belong to the same patient can be identified by a barcode and automatically routed to the appropriate file.

Can documents be automatically stored even if they do not have a barcode?

When documents have been created without a barcode, real-time connection with the end system can be used to simplify searching for patient records from the MFP.

How can the authorized access and storage of documents be guaranteed?

Collaborators (users) must identify themselves with company seal cards at the MFP device before initiating any scanning process. This can also serve for the logging of changes done to a patient-file and be used for further reference.

Are there other advantages to user-authentication?

The identification of the users at the MFP device allows them to access pre-defined lists (last viewed, assigned, etc.) to simplify and accelerate the search for patients.

Universal scan to REST-based end-systems for maximum flexibility

The automated integration of scanned or electronic documents and metadata into digital downstream systems has many advantages; information is immediately available for further processing, and the automated process minimizes the need for manual input and the probability of errors.
The BECONEX Universal-REST portfolio comprehends numerous connectors to simplify the digitalization and integration of documents into REST-based end-systems; from the authentication and connection, to the configuration of routing scenarios, all end-systems can be managed from a single UI.

What are the benefits of BECONEX Universal REST?

All the connectors that belong to the portfolio enable the simple capture of both digital and paper-based documents, and their automated integration into the corresponding end-system. This improves the quality of processes by minimizing the probability of typing or routing mistakes.
Additionally, the connectors are capable to handle various authorization methods to comply with security when digitizing and integrating documents into your end-systems.

Can the connectors be adapted to my organization?

The portfolio is above all versatile and flexible; it can cover a wide variety of applications, end-systems, and workflows to match the requirements of your company.
With the BECONEX Universal REST portfolio you can scan documents to virtually any end-system!
Simplify document digitalization with the BECONEX Universal-REST Portfolio!

Integrate digital documents to the platform of your choice from virtually any application

Digital business documents can be stored in your desktop, somewhere in a shared folder, or in your email inbox. They can be editable text files, designs and technical sheets, PDFs, or images in a diversity of formats.
What do all these applications have in common? They allow you to print documents. BECONEX Print2Process is a virtual printer driver that sends the document to the workflow of your choice with only a few clicks. Files are automatically linked to the selected end-system!

How are documents sent to the end-system?

Simply proceed as you would to send the document to a printer or fax. When given the option to select the device, choose “BECONEX Print2Process”.
The visual interface of the driver will then open and display a preview of the document for you to continue with the process.
integrate documents to your end-systems from virtually any application
BECONEX Print2Process driver among printing devices

Which end-systems can the document be sent to?

When the visual interface of the driver is open, you can select the end-system from a dropdown menu: Send2SAP, Send2DATEV, REST-based systems, etc.
To finish the process, click on “Send”.
integrate documents to your end-systems from virtually any application
Visual interface of BECONEX Print2Process
Eager to learn more about the Print2Process solution? Would you like to make the integration of digital documents to end-systems user-friendlier and more efficient?
Then do not miss our upcoming webinar and discover the benefits that Print2Process can bring for your organization!
Join us and learn how to store digital documents into your information system directly from any Windows application!


Looking for more?

Would you like to see our integration solutions in action? We would be happy to arrange a meeting to show you what our products can do!
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