Simplify the processing and integration of digital and paper based documents into your end-systems

Scan documents to end-systems

With the BECONEX portfolio you can automate tasks like replacement scanning, classification and archiving when scanning documents to end-systems. Moreover, the connectors have been designed to offer maximum flexibility to better cover the needs of you organization as it develops and grows.

Scan documents to end-systems directly from the capture device

Transparent document integration in DATEV Unternehmen online

With a share of over 60%, DATEV is the market leader as an IT service provider for tax advisors, auditors and lawyers. Despite the current development and effects of digitization, the paper content of incoming documents in tax advisory firms is around 50%.

In this context, the BECONEX ControlSuite4DATEV connector for Kofax ControlSuite is an efficient solution to accelerate and optimize the process of digitizing paper documents and storing them in the DATEV cloud.

ControlSuite4DATEV - scan documents to DATEV Unternehmen online

With the BECONEX ControlSuite4DATEV connector you can search for the various types of documents that are available in your DATEV account and save the scanned document from multifunctional devices from different manufacturers in the corresponding category. It has been designed to meet the needs of small and large companies and tax advisors:

  • The scanned documents are uploaded and saved from the multifunction device in the DATEV cloud, which saves time and money.
  • Thanks to its flexible configuration, you can define one or more authorized users, clients and even DATEV Unternehmen online accounts.
  • With the encrypted transmission of documents and the logging of the entire digitization process, the connector is also a way of increasing security.
Enjoy the flexibility, efficiency and security that the BECONEX ControlSuite4DATEV Connector can offer for your operations.

Universal scan to REST-based end-systems for maximum flexibility

The automated integration of scanned or electronic documents and metadata into digital downstream systems has many advantages; information is immediately available for further processing, and the automated process minimizes the need for manual input and the probability of errors.

The BECONEX Universal-REST portfolio for Kofax ControlSuite comprehends numerous connectors to simplify the digitalization and integration of documents into REST-based end-systems; the authentication, connection, and configuration of routing scenarios to each of these systems can be performed from a single UI, to facilitate their visualization and management.

Scan documents to end-systems and DMS to reduce manual work and minimize the probability of errors: scan to enaio, scan to alfresco, scan to opentext, etc.

Universal-REST portfolio - scan documents to REST-based end-systems

All the connectors that belong to the BECONEX Universal-REST portfolio enable the simple capture of both digital and paper-based documents, and their automated integration into the corresponding end-system. This improves the quality of processes by minimizing the probability of typing or routing mistakes.

The portfolio is above all versatile and flexible; it can cover a wide variety of applications, end-systems, and workflows to match the requirements of your company. Additionally, the connectors are capable to handle various authorization methods to comply with security when digitizing and integrating documents into your end-systems.

Simplify document digitalization with the BECONEX Universal-REST Portfolio!

Preprocessing solutions when scanning documents to end-systems

"Replacement Scanning" automation

“Replacement scanning” consist in the legally secure digital capture of paper documents with the objective of further processing or storing them in their digital form, and makes possible the later destruction of the paper-based original. This procedure allows companies to minimize the economic and administrative costs related to the storage of paper based documents, while complying with commercial regulations.

The BECONEX Validation Controller for Kofax ControlSuite contributes to this process by automating the sequential or random selection of scanned documents for further visual inspection. It also simplifies the management of cases in which the document needs to be reprocessed, and documents the entire process.

Validation Controller - replacement scanning of documents to end-systems

Thanks to the BECONEX Validation Controller you can configure the document selection at page-, document- or batch-level, as well as the percentage of documents that must pass a visual inspection.

The visual inspection can target one or more characteristics of the document. The inspector can be informed about this specifications via email. Also the user that scanned to documents can be notified about the results of the procedure; the scanned documents must either be preserved for further proving, they must be rescanned, or they can be already destroyed.

To perform the visual inspection, the inspector can visualize the document as pdf file, either with the Kofax® Power PDF Solution, or directly the web browser of preference.

Intelligent document analysis and classification

The BECONEX IDA (Intelligent Document Analyzer) enables the automatic sorting of documents through valuation based on specifically definable search parameters. The basis here is a search algorithm. This runs through various search levels with the specified parameters.

With BECONEX IDA, for example, the incoming mail can be processed automatically. Every incoming document can be classified and then assigned to a person or department.

IDA - automatic classification of documents

Brief explanation of the technical requirements to implement the solution. Some text about the instalation and configuration process. No need to go into much detail, this will be done in the technical documentation.

Brief explanation of the technical requirements to implement the solution. Some text about the instalation and configuration process. No need to go into much detail, this will be done in the technical documentation.

Optimized and sustainable printer integration

Print directly in the process

A printer driver that creates a PDF and transfers it to a filing workflow.

Many different PC applications make uniform integration impossible. We use the common features of office applications, industry solutions and browsers – they can print. With the BECONEX Print2Process component, printing is optimized and sustainable.

Print from the device where the workflow started

When a workflow can be triggered simultaneously from multiple MFP-devices and must be executed independently for each device, routing the output of the process back to the device where it started is essential.

Thanks to the BECONEX Rout2Printer component, you can now have workflows that start and end at the same MFP-device, even if several users initiate the process at the same time from different devices in your company.

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