Collaborative document integration with scanning tasks in SAP®

Create scanning tasks in SAP® with BECONEX CaptureQueue.
Create and assign scanning tasks from any SAP® business object to make document management more efficient and collaborative – now any colleague or team can contribute with the completeness of information!

What does document management in SAP® have to do with efficiency and collaboration?

The collection of documents that belong to a business object can depend on more than one collaborator or department. It can also happen that not all colleagues that manage critical documents have access to the ERP system. The result is that the workload of digitizing and attaching documents to business objects increases for employees with access to the ERP.

CaptureQueue allows you to create scanning tasks and assign them to the colleagues or teams that have direct access to business documents. That way, everyone in your organization can contribute to the completeness of information.

It also simplifies the attachment and archiving of digitized documents in SAP®. Instead of performing several manual processes, you can scan documents directly to business objects in just a few clicks. This makes the capture and integration of physical and digital documents a transparent, flexible, and user-friendly process!

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Create scanning tasks from any business object in SAP®

BECONEX CaptureQueue helps you ensure that documentation is available for a given business object – whenever a document is needed, you can go to the business object in SAP® and create a scanning task. The task will only be completed (or closed) once the missing document has been attached to the business object.
This solution is compatible with all SAP® modules: you can create scanning tasks from any business object in SAP®. It also allows you to define different document types for a same business object – for example, purchase orders can contain confirmations, delivery notes, claims. etc. CaptureQueue is compatible with SAP-ArchiveLink and SAP-DMS standards, so it is helpful for both archiving and versioning of documents.
To create a scanning task with CaptureQueue go to the business object to which the documents must be assigned. In the GOS menu select the option “Create…”, then click on “Capture Queue Entry”, and fill the pop-up form.

What information is necessary to create a scanning task inside SAP®?

The available information fields are:

  • Document type
  • Team ID and/or Recipient
  • Valid from and Valid to
  • Device type
  • Text
  • Description and storage category (only DMS)

How can I select the document type that must be scanned?

The document types that can be attached to a business object are defined in the customization. All available document types are shown in a dropdown menu to easy the visualization and selection.

When the scanning task is fulfilled by a user, the digitized document will be attached to the business object automatically. The document type will also be automatically saved, together with other metadata.

Can I include additional instructions or information in the task?

Yes. The field “Text” serves this exact purpose.

When a user looks for his pending scanning tasks in a capture device, the “Text” of each task is displayed.

This allows the user to differentiate tasks more easily. It is also a good way to send instructions to the user about the document that must be scanned.

Assign tasks to teams and colleagues

One of the advantages of CaptureQueue is that is helps you better distribute the workload of scanning and storing documents – you can delegate these tasks to the colleagues or teams inside your organization!
This means that documents can be scanned and stored in SAP® by the people that have access to them. In just a few clicks, anyone can collaborate with the digitizing and archiving of documents in SAP®.
To assign a scanning task, use the dropdown fields “Team ID” and “Recipient”. The teams and team members are defined by customizing. If you leave the “Recipient” field empty, anyone in the team can complete the scanning task.

Scanning tasks can also be created automatically

CaptureQueue automation simplifies document integration even further – instead of creating scanning tasks manually, these are created automatically when certain criteria are met.
This configuration is useful if specific document types must always be available for a business object. An example for this case is the inspection lot – it is always expected for the inspection lot to contain an inspection certificate among the documentation. Instead of creating a task manually each time an inspection lot is created, the task is automatically created for the document type “inspection certificate”.
The automatic creation can be preconfigured for each business object and each document type via customizing. The task can also contain a predefined text, a responsible team, and a validity period.

Send documents directly to the business object from any capture device

Scanning tasks can be completed from virtually any device – multifunction scanners, mobiles, tablets, etc. Regardless of the device, the user can see his pending scanning tasks in the graphic interface. If his team has pending tasks, these are also visible for the user.
After scanning, the document is automatically attached to the business object from which the task was created and can be recognized by the fields “Document type”, “File name”, “Creation date”, among others.

How can I complete a scanning task from an multifunction device?

MFP devices allow users to identify themselves at the device with a card or code. After that, only the tasks that were assigned to the user or his team are displayed.

The relevant entry can be selected from a drop-down menu and the document can then be scanned.

Is it possible to scan and archive documents to SAP® from a mobile device?

Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets can also be used to digitize and send documents to SAP®. The device’s camera is used by an application that enables connection to SAP® from the mobile device.

From the application it is possible to select the pending task and take a photo of the document. This image is then sent to SAP® and attached as a PDF or JPG file to the business object from which the entry was created.

What if the document that must be send to SAP® arrives as an email attachment?

Documents can also be sent to SAP® as digital files or from the Outlook inbox using the “AutoCapture” plug-in. To do this, select the email, go to the “AutoCapture” tab, and click on “Workflows”.

The process then continues as with the MFP device: the corresponding task can be selected from the drop-down menu and the document can be sent to SAP® by clicking on the “Scan” button.

Looking for more?

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