Send2SAP – Konica Minolta

The BECONEX Send2SAP solution allows you to simplify and automate the integration of paper-based documents into your ERP. Digitizing documents, storing them inside SAP and linking them to business objects becomes a single, efficient, and user-friendly process.

Get rid of these steps…

  • Digitize and email the document from your multifunction device
  • Download the email attachment into your workstation
  • Search for the business object inside SAP
  • Attach the document to the business object manually

… and turn them into a transparent, flexible, and user-friendly process instead: integrate documents into SAP directly from your multifunction device.

How does it work?

Send2SAP creates a secure connection between your multifunctional printer and your ERP. This connection enables the bidirectional real-time communication between the device and the system.

To digitize and send a document to SAP, start by authenticating yourself at the device. You can later choose from the “scenarios” that are available to you, your team, or your division inside the organization. A “scenario” is defined by:

  • which type of document you are digitizing (e.g., a contract)
  • what business object you want to send the document to (e.g., a vendor)
  • the search and display method (e.g., a dropdown menu)

Once you have selected the scenario, proceed to look for the business object: you can visualize them directly in the display of your MFP! For some scenarios, you don’t even need to select anything: the business object is recognized automatically by reading a barcode on the scanned document.

To finish the procedure just click on the “Scan” button. BECONEX Send2SAP takes care of the rest automatically:

  • The digitized document is sent to SAP
  • It gets stored in a predefined SAP-archive
  • It gets linked to the selected business object

With what modules of SAP can I use Send2SAP?

With all of them. You can digitize any kind of document and send it to the corresponding business object inside all SAP-modules. Here are only a few examples:

How does Scan2SAP contributes to collaboration?

The collection of documents that belong to a business object can depend on more than one person. It can also happen that not all persons that manage critical documents have access to the ERP system. This results in additional workload for employees with access to the ERP.

BECONEX Capture Queue allows you to create scanning-tasks and assign them to a colleague or a team inside your organization. This helps to better distribute the workload among the employees who have direct access to the relevant documents.

How can I create a scanning task using Capture Queue?

Capture Queue entries can be created:

  • Manually from inside the business object to which the document must be attached
  • Automatically whenever a specific business object is created. This is particularly useful if said business object always requires the attachment of a document

The entries can be later visualized and completed from a variety of devices: MFP, mobiles, tablets, etc.

Delivery note to purchase order

Purchase order confirmation

Inspection certificate to material

Frame agreement to vendor with Capture-Queue

Inspection lot certificate with Capture-Queue automation