Send2EmployeeFile Brochure

BECONEX Scan2EmployeeFile is the perfect complement for the Centric Digital Employee File for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors: it automates the storage of digitized documents into the platform directly from the capture device of your choice.

Print2Process Brochure

Print2Process is the solution from BECONEX for the routing and storage of digital documents. It allows you to minimize the steps required to attach documents and metadata into your information systems, making critical tasks of document management more efficient and friendly.

Validation Controller Brochure

Substitute scanning allows companies to minimize the costs related to the storage of paper-based documents, while complying with commercial regulations. BECONEX Validation Controller automates and simplifies critical steps of replacement scanning procedures.

Capture-Queue Brochure

BECONEX Capture-Queue makes the capture and integration of physical and digital documents a transparent, user-friendly, and collaborative process. Create and assign scanning tasks to specific teams and colleagues to share the workload of document management.

Send2SAP Brochure

The Send2SAP solution from BECONEX enables an intuitive, secure, and seamless integration of documents and data into the respective SAP application. Automate the storing and linkage of documents to business objects directly from the capture device.

ControlSuite4DATEV Brochure

With the ControlSuite4DATEV Connector you can search for the various types of documents that are available in your DATEV account and save the scanned document in the appropriate category from multifunctional devices from different manufacturers.