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We help organizations boost the efficiency of business processes and increase collaboration, by making digitization and document management solutions more approachable and user-friendly.

Your specialized partner for digitization and document management solutions

At BECONEX, we believe that the workplace should be a motivational environment that fosters the development of all participants.

Many different approaches can contribute to accomplish this vision. Our organization is focused on making digitization and document management solutions more approachable and user-friendly. That means, not only available, but also flexible and intuitive in every stage, to facilitate the integration and adoption.

We see this approach as crucial to achieve more efficient processes, and to promote collaboration within and across teams.

Efficient business processes

Keep collaborators motivated and engaged with intuitive tools that release them form manual tasks. Let them focus on activities than can contribute to their development and to the performance of your organization

Increased collaboration

Quit sending physical documents or emails back and forth between departments to complete or approve documentation. Profit from early digitization for your teams to align and support each other better and faster

Software products and solutions to digitize and manage business documents

Since the founding in February 2016, our company has consistently grown in terms of revenue, portfolio, collaborators, and partnerships. Headquartered in Munich, our team is distributed across Germany and USA, and we serve customers all over the world.

We are technology partner of SAP®, Tungsten Automation, Microsoft, and other leading companies. Our solutions are built on their technologies and our own innovative products. Thanks to our uncomplicated processes, all the way from consulting, procurement, and project management, to maintenance, upgrade, and services, we can meet our customers’ requirements promptly.

With over 25 years of experience and more than 80.000 licensed users, we are your specialized partner for software products and customized solutions to process and store digitized business documents and information in a wide variety of systems.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Connectors for the integration of documents into SAP® systems using diverse methods, like the SAP® ArchiveLink service, the document management system SAP® DMS, and our own delegated scanning solution,
  • the SAP2Printix application to integrate the cloud print management platform Printix from Tungsten Automation as output management solution for the SAP® system,
  • and addons for the digitization and integration of documents into the Centric digital personnel file for SuccessFactors.

Didn’t find the right product for you? Are you looking for a customized solution? Contact us to talk about the needs of your organization. Our development team looks forward to working on it!

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