Document digitization and management – as easy as it gets

We offer a comprehensive portfolio to make the management of digital documents more efficient and user-friendly. From evaluating the quality of scanned documents, to archiving, version management, and the protection of digital integrity.
Discover the latest release of the BECONEX CS4SAP connector for document archiving and management in the SAP ® system!

Intuitive interfaces, quality digitization, intelligent document processing, automated archiving – document management solutions to boost the efficiency of your operations, that is our goal.

Our portfolio helps you minimize the probability of errors, reduce costs, and contribute to the completeness and accessibility of information.

Profit from our flexible and reliable solutions to optimize document digitization, integration, and management in SAP® and other informatic systems!

Optimized document management in SAP ® software and other end systems


Scanning and capture for SAP ®

The BECONEX Send2SAP portfolio offers multiple scenarios to archive and link paper-based and digital documents. From the capture device directly to any business object or document info record in the SAP ® system.


Connectors for document integration

Simplify the integration and processing of paper-based documents into a wide variety of platforms: digital employee files, heath care systems (HL7-FHIR), accounting systems, document management systems, and much more.

Intelligent document processing

sap2printix_banner (mobile)

Serverless printing from SAP ®

Get all the flexibility, scalability, and robustness of a cloud-based solution for print management – the SAP2Printix connector integrates the Printix platform as external OMS for your SAP ® system.


Digital quality and integrity

Document digitization starts with a capture process that guarantees the optical and content-related quality of scanned documents and includes the protection of digital integrity after storage. We have you covered, every step of the way.


Tungsten Automation Portfolio

BECONEX is Tungsten Automation partner for distribution, implementation, and services: we support the installation and deployment of complex customer requirements as well as scripting and development of individual solutions.

More than 80,000 licensed users and over 50 customers worldwide

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