Scanning documents to SAP ® business objects with Send2SAP

BECONEX Send2SAP helps you make the most out of the functions and information already available in your SAP ® system and automates the archiving and linking of scanned documents to business objects!

Archiving documents in SAP ® – from the capture device to the business object

BECONEX Send2SAP helps you automate and optimize the integration of digitized documents into the SAP ® system. Thanks to its versatility, it is easy to adapt to the structure and processes of your organization:

  • Supported for SAP ® ABAP NetWeaver (and any SAP ® systems based on NetWeaver), SAP ® ECC, SAP S/4HANA ®
  • Applicable with all SAP ®-modules, business objects and document types
  • Available for a variety of capture devices and sources: MFP devices, smartphones, tablets, file system, Outlook inbox, etc.

The solution has been designed to boost the efficiency, security, and usability of the standard SAP ® technology for document archiving and linking to business objects:

  • The archiving process can be triggered directly from the capture device, eliminating the need for manual procedures after scanning
  • The need for manual inputs to select the target business object is minimized, lowering the probability of errors and associated costs
  • The document is renamed, archived in the content repository, and linked to the target business object automatically
  • No intermediate copies of the document are left behind somewhere in your system

With only a few clicks, you can get the most out of the functions and information already available in your ERP!

Scanning scenarios to send documents to the SAP system using the Kofax AutoStore platform and the BECONEX CS4SAP connector. View from the interface of a multifunction device.
Examples of Send2SAP scenarios for document archiving in SAP ®

Send2SAP Barcode – Maximum automation level for document archiving

(1) Creation of internal barcode in SAP ® system for document type and (2) document with barcode on it

Barcodes minimize the need for manual inputs at the capture device: only one click is required to scan and / or send the document to the SAP ® system. BECONEX Send2SAP performs every other step automatically!

  • It archives the digitized document in the content repository
  • It searches the recognized barcode among internal barcodes or business objects in SAP ®
  • It links the incoming document to the business object it belongs to
  • If no match is found, it creates an external barcode in SAP ® to act as a placeholder for the incoming document

How do you get barcodes on your documents? Some ways to do this include:

  • Creating an internal barcode in SAP ®, printing, and pasting it on the document. This approach is helpful when the document will be further processed in paper form. When it is ready to be attached to the business object, it can be digitized with a single click with an MFP or mobile device
  • Including the barcode in documents that are created inside the SAP ® system (e.g., using the Designer, Adobe Forms, or Smart Forms). This allows to process the document in digital form and later send it to the ERP from your file system, Outlook inbox, etc.
  • Of course, you can always print the SAP ® – generated document and further process it in paper form

Finally, barcodes are ideal for “mass scanning”: you can archive large batches of documents (from the feeder of the MFP or a folder in your file system) in a single step, regardless of their type or target business object. This gives you the maximum level of automation for document archiving in the SAP ® system!

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Downloads and articles about document archiving in SAP ®
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Document and information logistics in the SAP® environment
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The BECONEX portfolio for document integration in SAP ® systems

  • Compatible with all SAP ® modules, business objects, and document types
  • Compatible with multiple capture devices and sources (MFP, mobile, file system, etc)
  • Central-Switch for selection of SAP ® systems (development, test, and production)
  • Delegated scanning to colleagues and teams
  • Customizable validity, message, and “keep-open” flag of delegated scanning tasks
  • CaptureQueue for document archiving (SAP ArchiveLink ®)
  • CaptureQueue for document versioning (SAP ® DMS) and CaptureQueue Automation
  • Other SAP ArchiveLink ® scenarios (Barcode, Basic, Workflows, GOS, etc.)
  • Other SAP ® DMS scenarios (create or update document info record, etc.)
  • Lookup-lists and meta search in SAP ® live from capture device
  • SNC communication (Secure Network Communication with SAP crypto library)

Frequently asked questions about document archiving in the SAP ® system

Automatic detection of target business object via barcodes

Barcodes created at the business object are called “internal barcodes” and are listed in a standard SAP ® table with other relevant data. Every time the Send2SAP solution receives an incoming document with a barcode, it looks it up in the standard table.

If the barcode exists, the document is linked to the business object, from which the barcode was created.

Unless configured otherwise, the barcode is then closed. This means that it cannot longer be used to attach documents to the business object.

If the Send2SAP solution receives a barcode that does not yet exist in SAP ®, it creates it as “external barcode”. As soon as the barcode is also created from inside a business object, the document will be linked to it.

You could encode the object number and/or other information about the business object in the barcode that accompanies the document. For example, all documents that belong to the same purchase order can have barcode that contains the order number.

BECONEX Send2SAP can later use the detected barcode to attach the incoming documents to the corresponding order.

Selection of target business object at the capture device

A preconfigured search can be generic or personalized for users and teams.

For example, business objects that were “recently created” are generic. “Created by me”, on the other hand, are business objects that are relevant for a specific user. To perform a personalized search, users must first authenticate themselves at the capture device.

A search can be performed for any business object (vendors, employees, etc.) to archive all kinds of business documents (frame agreements, contracts, etc.).

The fields displayed in the list of results can be predefined by the user via customizing. Some examples are the object number, date of creation, or the description. The purpose of showing this information is to make it easier for the user to select the desired business object. After that, the scanned document is automatically attached to the selected business object and archived in the content repository.

Send2SAP can be customized to look for business objects from any SAP ® module. Likewise, it can attach previously specified document types to the selected business object. All queries are executed in real-time, which guarantees that the retrieved information reflects the current state of your SAP ® system.

No need: the search delivers all results that contain the text provided in the search field. That way, you only need to input some characters to perform the search. In fact, you can use other metadata to look for a business object. The description or the name, for example, can be more helpful in some cases.

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