Delegated document scanning to the SAP ® system

CaptureQueue for delegated scanning to the SAP ® system

Make the integration of business documents into the SAP ® system more efficient and collaborative with delegated scanning– now every colleague and team in your organization can contribute to the completeness of information!

Delegated scanning in SAP ® - collaborative and decentralized integration of documents

Like all BECONEX Send2SAP solutions, CaptureQueue helps you automate and optimize the archiving and linking of digitized documents into the SAP ® system:

  • It sends scanned documents to your ERP directly from the capture device
  • It can be combined with multiple input sources (MFP device, smartphone, file system, etc.)
  • It leaves no intermediate copies of the document somewhere in your system
  • It is easy to adapt to the structure and processes of your organization
  • It makes the capture and integration of physical and digital documents a transparent, flexible, and user-friendly process

So, what is the difference?

Instead of “mass scanning”, CaptureQueue is designed for “delegated scanning”: with only a few clicks, you can create scan tasks and assign them to colleagues and teams in your organization. This makes document management more efficient, secure, and collaborative.

BECONEX CaptureQueue menu inside the GOS menu of the SAP system: create CaptureQueue entry for ArchiveLink, create CaptureQueue entry for DMS, manage CaptureQueue entries.
CaptureQueue for SAP ArchiveLink ® and SAP ® DMS

Delegate document scanning for any business object in SAP ®

CaptureQueue popup for (1) document archiving via SAP ArchiveLink ® and (2) document versioning via SAP ® DMS

CaptureQueue is supported for any SAP ® system based on ABAP NetWeaver, e.g. SAP® ECC, GTS, SRM, etc. This includes SAP S/4HANA ® systems. 

The solution is compatible with both SAP ArchiveLink ® and SAP ® DMS technologies, and can be integrated with all SAP ® modules, business objects, and document types, which means it can be used for:

  • archiving document in the content repository
  • linking documents to business objects
  • versioning and managing documents for document info records (DIR)

To create a delegated scanning task:

  1. navigate to the business object
  2. select “Create CaptureQueue entry” from the GOS menu
  3. populate the popup to indicate document type, responsible, validity, etc. That’s it!

Complete delegated scanning tasks from virtually any capture device

View of CaptureQueue entries from an MFP and a smarthpone

CaptureQueue makes it possible to send documents to the ERP directly from a variety of capture devices and input sources:

  • Multifunction printers
  • Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • File system
  • Email and attachments from the Outlook inbox
  • Any application that allows to print documents (Print2Process virtual print driver) like the MS Office Suite, PDF viewers, CAD software, web browser, etc.

Regardless of the device, users can see and complete their pending tasks as follows:

  • select the relevant CaptureQueue entry from the dropdown menu
  • scan, photograph or send the document to SAP ® from the capture device
  • the digitized document is automatically attached to the business object from which the CaptureQueue entry was created!

Flexibility and automation for more efficient delegated scanning

Customizing view for the CaptureQueue solution inside the SAP system. Options include: basic customizing, mapping of external users to SAP users, manual creation of CaptureQueue entries for both SAP ArchiveLink and SAP DMS technologies, CaptureQueue automation, etc.
CaptureQueue customizing in the SAP ® system

If you are looking to the benefits of delegated scanning in SAP ® with minimal customizing, then CaptureQueue BASIC is the right way to go. 

  • Compatible with all SAP ® modules, business objects, document types, capture devices, and input sources
  • Ideal for document archiving and attachment to business objects
  • Create and delegate CaptureQueue entries manually using the popup

On the other hand, if you need more functionalities in your organization, you can get all customizing options with CaptureQueue ADVANCED:

  • Includes all features from CaptureQueue BASIC
  • delegated scanning for versioning and management of document info records
  • configure the automatic creation of scanning tasks for specific events
    (e.g., creation of a business object)

Learn more about CaptureQueue for delegated scanning of documents in SAP ®

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Downloads and articles about delegated scanning in SAP ®
Cover of BECONEX CaptureQueue brochure.
Optimize collaboration and document integration in the SAP® System with BECONEX CaptureQueue
See the CaptureQueue solution in action in our YouTube channel:
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The BECONEX portfolio for document integration in SAP ® systems

  • Compatible with all SAP ® modules, business objects, and document types
  • Compatible with multiple capture devices and sources (MFP, mobile, file system, etc)
  • Central-Switch for selection of SAP ® systems (development, test, and production)
  • Delegated scanning to colleagues and teams
  • Customizable validity, message, and “keep-open” flag of delegated scanning tasks
  • CaptureQueue for document archiving (SAP ArchiveLink ®)
  • CaptureQueue for document versioning (SAP ® DMS) and CaptureQueue Automation
  • Other SAP ArchiveLink ® scenarios (Barcode, Basic, Workflows, GOS, etc.)
  • Other SAP ® DMS scenarios (create or update document info record, etc.)
  • Lookup-lists and meta search in SAP ® live from capture device
  • SNC communication (Secure Network Communication with SAP crypto library)

Frequently asked questions about delegated scanning of documents in SAP ®

Creating CaptureQueue entries

Some of the available fields to create a CaptureQueue entry are:

  • Document type
  • Team ID and/or Recipient
  • Valid from and Valid to
  • Device type
  • Text for indications
  • Description, storage category and characteristics (only for SAP ® DMS)

All document types that can be attached to a business object are shown in a dropdown menu in the CaptureQueue popup. This facilitates the visualization and selection when creating the CaptureQueue entry.

When the document is scanned, it is attached to the business object automatically. The document type and other metadata are saved in the SAP ® system.

(*) The correspondance between document types and business object is defined in the “ArchiveLink Basic Customizing”.

The field “Text” in the CaptureQueue popup serves this exact purpose.

When a user looks for their delegated scanning tasks in a capture device, the “Text” of each task is displayed.

This allows the user to differentiate tasks more easily. It is also a good way to send instructions to the user about the document that must be scanned.

Completing delegated scanning tasks

MFP devices allow users to identify themselves at the device with a card or code. After that, only the tasks that were assigned to the user or his team are displayed.

The relevant entry can be selected from a drop-down menu and the document can then be scanned.

Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets can also be used to digitize and send documents to SAP®. The device’s camera is used by an application that enables connection to SAP® from the mobile device.

From the application it is possible to select the pending task and take a photo of the document. This image is then sent to SAP® and attached as a PDF or JPG file to the business object from which the CaptureQueue entry was created.

Documents can also be sent to SAP ® as digital files or from the Outlook inbox using the “AutoCapture” plug-in from Tungsten Automation. To do this, select the email, go to the “AutoCapture” tab, and click on “Workflows”.

The process then continues as with the MFP device: the corresponding task can be selected from the drop-down menu and the document can be sent to SAP® by clicking on the “Scan” button.

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