SAP2Printix to print from SAP ® with Tungsten Printix

BECONEX SAP2Printix application for Tungsten Printix

The BECONEX SAP2Printix application integrates Tungsten Printix as external OMS solution for your SAP ® system. This allows you to use the print queues of your Printix tenant(s) as output device for background printing, as part of the business logic.
Print from SAP using Tungsten Printix, the cloud platform for secure print management.

1.2 - Proxy configuration as part of extended customizing

December, 2023
New feature

Is your SAP® application server not directly connected to the Internet? How can you reach your Printix tenant with such a network configuration? Is it still possible to output spool requests using a SaaS print management solution?

You can now configure a proxy as part of the extended customizing of the SAP2Printix application. This enables the communication between the SAP® system, the SAP2Printix application, and the Printix platform, while maintaining the security level of your original setup.

To print from the SAP ® system via Tungsten Printix using a proxy:

  • Navigate to “Maintain Proxy for Internet Access” in the “Extended customizing” and create a “New entry”
  • Give the proxy a user-friendy name
  • Enter the information about the hostname and port, as well as a user and password, and save your entry

To complete the configuration, navigate to “Parameters” and add the parameter “PROXY_NAME” with the proxy’s user-friendly name as value. 

1.0 - Printing from SAP ® via Tungsten Printix with the SAP2Printix application

September, 2023
Architecture of SAP2Printix application to print from SAP via the Tungsten Printix platform
First Release

BECONEX SAP2Printix is an application that allows printing from an SAP ® system (ECC or S/4HANA®) via the Tungsten Printix cloud platform for secure print management. To establish the communication between the two platforms, SAP2Printix uses the BC-XOM interface from SAP ® and the Printix Cloud Print API.

The application is divided into two parts:

  • The component for the BC-XOM interface, which is implemented as .NET executables and employes the command line interface of BC-XOM.
  • The transport requests for the SAP ® system containing the customizing, logon and mapping information, and responsible for handling the output status.

The Printix platform and SAP2Printix application serve as external OMS for the SAP® system and provide:

  • Simplified management of SAP® printers and print jobs directly in the cloud
  • Easy retrieval and update of SAP® printers from the Printix tenant(s)
  • Direct and secureprinting scenarios as part of the business logic
  • Reduced cost and effort for deployment and administration of the OMS

For additional documentation, support, or information on other releases of the BECONEX SAP2Printix application, please get in contact with